The characteristics of marble gantry
Column:COMPANY'S NEWS Time:2019-05-22

Features of marble gantry frame parts:

1, anti-abrasion, high temperature resistance, easy maintenance, convenient mechanical guide rail, screw removal.

2, physical stability, high density, the impact of the grain falling off, the surface does not burr, does not affect its plane precision granite precision measuring plate. Granite mechanical components use high-quality "Jinan Green" stone material machine.

3, black luster, precise structure, uniform texture, good stability, high strength, high hardness, high precision under heavy load and normal temperature, and no rust, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, non-magnetization, Invariable and other advantages.

4. The working surface of granite mechanical components is easy to maintain and maintain in use, stable in material, can guarantee long-term deformation, low linear expansion coefficient, high mechanical precision, anti-rust, anti-magnetic and insulation. No deformation, high hardness and strong wear resistance. The granite mechanical components are suitable for the working environment in the field, and the characteristics of the precision of the product itself are maintained for a long time, and the precision of the processing and testing in the working environment and the quality of the working products can be determined! Especially for the measurement of high precision.ranite precision components, granite platform components, granite pedestal, granite processing according to drawings, granite precision equipment components, non-standard granite platform customization, granite drilling, granite opening Slot, granite rail,

Granite components and measuring tools are made of high quality natural “Jinan Green” granite material. According to the identification and analysis of the chemical structure and physical properties of “Jinanqing” granite by relevant authorities, “Jinan Qing” is a rare and excellent material for the manufacture of precision measuring instruments and mechanical parts. It is produced at the foot of Huashan Mountain in Jinan, Quanchen. 

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It is a precision reference measuring tool made of natural stone materials. It is an ideal datum for inspection of instrumentation, precision tools and mechanical parts, especially for high-precision measurement. Granite is made from high-quality underground rock layers. After hundreds of millions of years of natural aging, the shape is extremely stable without worrying about deformation due to conventional temperature differences. Granite materials that have undergone rigorous physical testing and selection are fine and hard. Due to the non-metallic materials of granite, there is no magnetic reaction and no plastic deformation. Its hardness is high, so the precision is good. In use, even if the rock tool is hit by heavy objects, at most, a few stones are lost. It is superior to precision measuring reference parts made of high-quality cast iron and steel for high and stable accuracy. For example, the 1000×630mm ‘00’ grade granite slab produced by our factory can still maintain the original precision after being put on hold for one year.