Huizhou Furuilianhua Granite machining factory is a subsiary factory of Shenzhen Bozhida Precision Mechinery Co., Ltd.  Our factory is a professional manufacturer of granite precision plates, granite bases of machines and granite measurement tools. Our company has 10+ skilled technicals working in a 3000M² and and a 200 square meter constant terperature room workshop with perfect facilities. All the equipments including a 30 tons Gantry Crane, a 10 ton one, and a 2.8 ton one. 2 Cutting granite machines, a Polishing granite machine, 4 Drilling granite machines, a Planning granite machine, and a Edge in line Polishing machine. Every granite parts finish should be tested by perfect measurement devices to ensure the specification of granite parts to meet customers' minds. The quality first, the customer first, delivery on time, create the valve for the customers.

Scientific and optimization processing, for example as 1. After the customer places an order and receiving the drawings, the company organizes the production and engineering department to discuss and research the feasibility of product production and gives forward-looking optimization plan recommendations to the customer for confirmation.  2. After the customer confirms, the company immediately places an order to the mine. 3 The company's own mines according to the customer's design drawings to cutting the material.  4. Transportation.  5. The factory cuts the material and makes product shape.6. Put the material marble on the grinding machine for the first time grinding. 7. Then for the second time fine grinding. 8. Artificial fine grinding. 9. Machine drilling.  10 Polishing. 11 Chamfering. 13. Self-test inside the factory. 14.The customer FQC. 15 Packaging & shipping. 

Zhou Feng, our company’s general manager as our company’s salea engineer, was born 1974, graduated from university.15 years exprence of granite machining processing, managment, and sales. Business philosophy: Talent, resources, innovation. Create the value for customers.

Chen Zhilu, 45 years old, he had been working as a technical and manager in the granite processing industry for 27 years, 5 years experience in granite products quality management, 15 years experience in operating various machines, and experience of lapping granite surface plates , 7 years of management experience, quality first, delivery on time as production guidelines.

Chen Jianlong, 35 years old, from Jinan City, Shandong Province, generation of granite master, proficient in the operation of various CNC machine tools, and the use of various testing equipment, be good at management of product quality.

Hu Xingyan, 39 years old, was born in Shandon Province. Graduated from university of computer and science. Her service purposes: No.1 is the products quality, and delivery on time.

Zhou yongheng, CAD draftsman & designer, graduated from university, skilled in using various software design drawings, very good to meet customer design drawing needs. Network engineer, graduated in computer science, proficient in website coding, network optimization, and website promotion.


Zheng shuai is 33 years old, from Jinan, Shandong, his grandfather and father are granite technicians, he started granite work at the age of 20, familiar with the characteristics of granite, and granite crafts, production processes, proficient in granite drilling technology

Huang Jian, 46 years old, come from Shandon Province, working as a technical 23 years, he is good at  lapping and measuring.

Kon Lingkuo, 36 years old, Shandoner. He was lapping flowing his father when he was 20 years old.

Chen Xuchang is 51 years old, come from Jinan, Shandong, a hereditary marble master, is proficient in the use of various granite CNC lathes and various inspection instruments.

Network engineer, graduated in computer science, proficient in website coding, and good at SEO, SEM.

Zhang Xiaocheng, quality manager,

actively implements the company's

quality policy and resolutely does

not accept bad products.

Liu Ling, quality manager.

She believes that product quality is

 the life of the company.

The company’s interests as hers.