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Grinding Marble Precision Surface Plate, Granite/Marble base, Granite Measuring Table

Our company custom: plates with different sizes according to customer needs and drawings, with holes, threaded inserts, guide or clamping T-slots, clearing grooves and with rubber feet (for the smaller sizes)surface plates grinding


Shore hardness:>Hs70Proportion:2800-3000kg/m³
Compressive strength:254N/mm²Linear expansion coefficient:
Water absorption rate:0.017%Package:Wooden box package

The marble platform is black, the structure is precise and uniform, and it is not afraid of rust, acid, alkali, deformation, durable.

High strength, high hardness, and good stability. Used as a precision reference measurement tool, the base of the mechanical platform,
an essential platform for laboratory testing tools.

 1, The marble platform has a uniform texture, no internal stress, manual grinding, and high precision.

 2, adapt to a wide range of environments, through physical and chemical experiments, the texture is hard, the structure is meticulous,
    acid and alkali corrosion resistance, durable and non-deformable, the performance is better than cast iron.

 3, The non-metallic material of the granite platform, the rock-like flat plate has no magnetization reaction, no plastic deformation,
    and the hardness is higher than that of the casting.

 The hardness of marble more than the iron three times. Even if the marble or granite is hit by heavy objects, it will not be destroyed
   and deformation as a metal tool so easy done

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